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Construction Technology - Press Release

Our first press release in construction technology, alongside Helastel.

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Massive thanks to Leila Steed of Construction Technology Media for this lovely write-up. Check out the original here.

Software developer and IT specialist Helastel has launched a new health and safety compliance application called Illeso.

The app allows users to fully digitise the health and safety process by moving documentation onto the cloud.

Helastel said, “By moving the process of evidencing health and safety online, sites can expect improvements in productivity thanks to better efficiency, reduced risk of litigation due to improved site compliance and the removal of administration errors.”

The Illeso app can be used to file, archive and retrieve documentation, and provides “secure on-demand online access from a web browser or mobile device”.

It also helps to reduce the amount of time spent on administration tasks and allows health and safety documents to be shared across development sites when workers mover to new jobs.

Illeso is built on the Intelastel development platform, which has been specifically designed for use by construction industry companies.

The platform uses ‘drag and drop’ tooling and form fills to allows business users to create apps without needing specialist knowledge of computer coding. Changes to apps can also be deployed in real time, allowing users to revise and update their apps as they go.

David Hunt, founder of Illeso, said, “Health and safety compliance is becoming more complex. Issues with compliance can often impact project timelines and can result in penalties for non-compliance.

He added, “Due to Helastel’s support with the project, Illeso is a 100% paperless app, which can be used across multiple sites.”

“The great thing about Intelastel is that due to the no code nature of the platform we can adapt to any market quickly, meaning that if we see a use case for Illeso outside of construction, we can explore expanding our offering, supporting our growth as a business.”

Full copyright credit to (Leila Steed)  Construction Technology.