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illeso is a bespoke application packed with functionality

Easy to Use
Real time control


The workforce super charger

Operative Viewer
Details, emergency contacts, information storage
Qualification Viewer
Details, evidence, expiry calendar reminders
Plant Safety Checks
Safety log control, QR scan for plant recognition
Plant Log
Service records, QR scan for  evidence, calendar reminder
Site Allocation
Site specific, customer database, log workforce
PPE Register
Issue log, photo evidence, signed acceptance, reminders
Toolbox Talks
Upload & allocation, evidence of understanding log
Incident Reporting
Reports & evidence records, available to compliance chain
Risk, Method & COSHH
Multi-document upload, site & workforce allocation
Hand Arm Vibration
View & upload safe working times accessible by QR code

Full details

Feature details & benefits

Operative icon

Operative Viewer

Operative details, Emergency contacts, Information allocation, Live real time feed function for all your customers, 30-year storage feature, Archive
Qualification icon

Qualification Viewer

Supervisors and Operatives qualification details, Instant access to evidence, Calendar date link to all expiry dates, Live real time feed function for all your customers, 30-year storage feature
PPE Register icon

PPE Register

PPE issue log, Record photographic evidence, Log signature acceptance, Set renewal date reminders, 30-year storage feature
Hand Arm Vibration icon

Hand Arm Vibration

Upload feature to allow all in the compliance chain to view safe working times, Instant access to safe working times through QR scans
Toolbox icon

Toolbox Talks

Previous and new toolbox upload function. Issue and allocate to supervisors and operatives, Log for evidence of understanding, Feedback feature, Live real time feed function for your customers, 30-year storage feature
Risk icon

Risk, Method & COSHH

Multiple documentation upload function, Allocate to specific managers, supervisors, operatives and site teams, Live real time feed function for all your customers, 30-year storage feature
Plant Log icon

Plant Log

Allocate specific plant certification and service records, QR scan feature to provide instant evidence of plant compliance, Certification and servicing calendar reminder feature, Live real time feed function for all customers, 30-year storage feature
Safety Check icon

Plant Safety Checks

Daily, weekly and monthly safety logs, QR scan for instant plant recognition, Live real time feed function for all customers
Incident reporting icon

Incident & Near Miss Reporting

Ability to report and record incidents when they happen, Upload evidence of incidents, Near miss reporting available to all in the compliance chain, Live real time feed function for all your customers, 30-year storage feature
Developer and Site location icon

Developer & Site Allocation

Create a customer database, Site specific allocation, Log supervisors, operatives and documents to specific sites, Live site feeds

How do YOU benefit from illeso?

Check out the role breakdown below

Operative iconOperative iconOperative iconOperative icon

Main Contractors:
A specifically designed application for your individual management roles. Provides you with the ability to see your subcontractors site specific documentation, in real-time. Have a tailored data analysis system, to monitor, review and act on daily health and safety requirements.

Provides a structured compliance system that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. A flexible system that can be adjusted to suit new health and safety processes swiftly. Allows you to digitally monitor your workforce. Removes the continued email chains for your health and safety documentation through the ability to share with your customers and your own subcontractors. Allows your workforce to engage, comment and discuss all health and safety processes.

Reduce the endless paper processing, giving you increased time to focus on safe productivity. Gives you instant access to all related site qualifications and processes. Provides you with a digital paper-free system to log your daily compliance tasks.

Provides you access to vital health and safety documentation 24/7. Gives you the ability to communicate directly with management about all safety processes.

Health & Safety compliance

Legal duties & the compliance chain

Main contractors and subcontractors have legal duties and arrangements to put in place in order to manage health and safety in the workplace. The duties require everyone within the compliance chain to put specific processes in place to protect their workforce.

These duties include:

Provide a health and safety policy.
Assess all the risk to employees, contractors, subcontractor and customers.
Arrangement for effective planning, organising, controls, monitoring and review of all health and safety processes.
Information provided to all employees and subcontractors on risks and safe working processes.
Supervision provided to adequate standards.
Consult employees and subcontractors regularly, providing them with knowledge of risks and preventive measures..

Identifying critical working processes behind health and safety controls in the workplace helped build an application that provides our customers with a structure.

Once you have structure, anything can be made simple.

The illeso interface makes life even easier by allowing each customer to craft their own unique application.

100% Paperless Solution
& Multi Device Support

illeso reduces continued processing of paperwork

Thanks to its cloud-based system,
illeso enables our customers to:

Allocate vital health and safety documents to their entire workforce at a click of the button.
Obtain evidence that their workforce have read and understood critical working processes.
Allow their workforce to review and ascertain documentation from the comfort of their own homes.
Enable their workforce to open private communication with management about live documents.
Log evidence on issued PPE, incidents and near misses.
Gain instant access to Plant and lifting certification by QR code function.

The illeso paperless application increases production and provides our customers with a secure process to store all documents and evidence for up to 30 years.

Eco-sphere Site Access

Dual site access for leadership and site teams

The illeso application provides your customers with a completely bespoke interface; allowing leadership and site teams to view related health and safety documents in real time.

Customising this process gives you the capability to reduce your administration times and strengthens your customers trust, secure with the knowledge that they are viewing the latest issue of;

1. Health and safety documents
2. Toolbox talks
3. Operatives Qualifications
4. PPE logs
5. Incident and near miss reports
6. Plant and lifting certificates
7. Plant safety checks

Our dynamic approach to providing your workforce and customers with instant access to your documents encourages an open and transparent community we like to call the Eco-sphere.

Reduce admin time and increase productivity

With 24/7 instant access and real-time document view from any device, you'll be a step ahead.

Reduce admin time, increase productivity

Working hard for you

illeso enables you to focus your efforts elsewhere

Increase workforce productivity

With all of your compliance documentation securely managed and accessible at the click of a button or tap of a screen, you can focus on the job at hand.


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