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We've partnered with Helastel

Helastel are a Bristol-based team of specialists who operate in software development, IT consultancy, data management solutions and IT infrastructure services. They have developed an incredible AI & machine learning platform called Intelastel.

Intelastel enables us to build bespoke solutions for you, creating a personal eco-sphere to help you manage your teams, equipment and documents.
Since 2004 Helastel have been creating conscious software that connects organisations to their ecosystems. Their talent lies in building collaborative partnerships to deliver pioneering new platforms, software and services.
Helastel was founded by Iouri Prokhorov, a computer science graduate and serial software entrepreneur. Prized for his innovative approach to bespoke software design and development, it was Iouri’s free-thinking MO that led to the creation of Intelastel that powers the illeso software.
Helastel created Intelastel, a machine learning AI platform