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How going digital with compliance could save you from legal fees

illeso gives you more control, instant results and stress-free management

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Get in control. Go 100% Paperless.

The breadth and diversity of risks within construction are matched in turn by the breadth and diversity of their health and safety requirements. Current documentation covers everything from hand-arm vibration to PPE registration, and in the wake of the new Building Safety Regulator watchdog, extensive additional paperwork is anticipated. 

The gravity of the sector means extensive paperwork with uncapped limits. Meanwhile, Covid-19 presents viral transmission risks on the exchange of paperwork.

“New regulations are always possible within health and safety,” warns the HSE, “and they are a prime example of why you cannot ‘rest on your laurels’ when it comes to introducing and improving health and safety practices.”

While most workers appreciate the need for evidencing health and safety, the complexity of compliance is a growing frustration within the industry. Mounting requirements are creating an administrative headache for subcontractors and operatives, with penalties for inaccuracies including site closures and potentially even legal action. 

So how do you balance these convoluted compliance requirements with the need for simplicity?

Illeso’s Health and Safety Compliance Application is a solution which digitises the entire process. In doing so, illeso securely centralises all documentation in the cloud. In addition, functionalities such as notifications of renewal dates help teams manage the compliance process stress-free.

The switch to paperless management and process is now a well worn path, with everything from tax discs to bank statements going digital. The ease and speed of access of digital documentation in comparison to paper-based systems makes it highly compelling for companies to implement, with multiple additional benefits.